Paul Ryan, Trump have record low approval ratings - PPP

According to a new PPP poll, Paul Ryan is now the most unpopular politician in the country:

This issue has made Paul Ryan into the most unpopular politician in the country. At the start of the Trump administration he had a 33% approval rating, with 43% of voters disapproving of him. Now his approval has plunged to 21%, with his disapproval spiking all the way up to 61%. Ryan's particularly seen his image crater with Trump voters- what was a 53/23 approval rating with them in mid-January is now negative at 35/41.

Taking it slow

Trump has made some of the most disastrous nominations in history. Many of his nominees are extremists that are ideologically opposed to the purpose of the agency they have been nominated to represent. For example, Betsy DeVos is the Secretary of Education even though she has fought to privatize the public school system. Scott Pruitt is perhaps the worst.