We're all undercover Terrorists!!!

As Fox News reports
, the Democrats have officially been taken over by the 'Terrorists'.

I'm surprised. I thought the Republican'ts were in power.
I was under the impression that there wasn't a 'Taliban Wing' of the Democratic Party. Hah, Silly me. I must have some chip implanted in me that secretly and subconsciously makes me a terrorist.

Hmm...If I had only known before I and my party alone forced us to war with a country who had nothing to do with the events of September 11th, 2001.
Hell, the Democratic Party is probably solely responsible for the chaos in the Middle East, nay, The World!
Man, I sure wish I'd known earlier.

And, NOW we've completely fallen to the Taliban Wing of our party. The extremist wing of our party.

Now, I realize that I should've been Republican. They don't have such an extremist party that would wish any harm on America. It is all our fault. The Republican'ts would never do anything wrong, sneaky, or illegal to try and win elections, convince an unknowing population to go to war with the wrong country, or spin any and every piece of information they get their hands on to further their own agenda.

Now I know. Thank You Fox News, for letting me know.