Time to leave Iraq?

How long till we're out of Iraq? To my knowledge, no one is suggesting we stay in Iraq forever, so this isn't a question of if we're leaving but when. Of course, we went to Iraq for a reason. Victory in Iraq used to mean something: (1) Outsting Saddam, (2) Finding the WMD that were in imminent danger of falling in to terrorist hands, and (3) Helping the Iraqis set up a constitutional democracy - which would, of course, spread freedom and pro-western democracies all over the Near East region. Well, Saddam is gone, there were no WMD (unless you're Crazy Rick "OMG WMDS ARE EVERYWHERE LOL!!11" Santorum), and the government is up but only religious fundamentalism is spreading.

What are we still fighting for in Iraq? The only valid reason for occupying Iraq that still holds any water at all is the security situation. Because Bush's war destroyed the structure of Iraqi society, and because apparently Iraqis really hate each other, Iraq is now spiriling from low-grade into large-scale civil war complete with ethnic genocide. Attacks and deaths from Iraqi infighting now exceeds that from the insurgents. The U.S. has long been unable to make long-term gains against the US presense-fueled insurgency. But even if that somehow changed, our military is not going to be effective in stoping Iraqi's from killing each other en masse over millenium-old religious hatreds and injustices. So the security thing doesn't even fly any more.

How much more blood and money are we going to lose in Bush's war? It won't be until "victory" because we've already been victorious in our original goals, so we're really already victorious in that regard. I can't really call a bloody civil war victory, but I'm not delusional enough to think that a foreign military can stop another nation's civil war. Religious civil wars stop when people decide not to kill each other, and that is something that can only come from the Iraqi people lead by their government.