Awesome Video

This is a video that's already on a blog that's posted on our Link, over to the side. But, I felt it must be highlighted. Instead of accepting Katrina as a Natural Disaster, they are saying how it means the end of the world. And, really..How can you truly want the best for this country, if your idea is that 'God is going to destroy us'. But, that's beside the point. They saw the destruction of Louisiana and Mississippi, and my opinion is that they didn't know how to deal with it. How could 'GOD' do this to us, how could he just sit aside and let it happen. (MAAYBE, because he DOESN'T EXIST?!) So, the first thing that came to their minds? IT MUST BE THE HOMOS!! God is mad at us for keeping the homos alive, and not stoning them like he told us in Leviticus (I think). Wow, I am awed at their logic and powers of deduction. Retards. There have been homosexuals since the beginning of time. Get over it.