Some online Hillary supporters favor ripping the Democratic Party in half over admitting defeat

Witness the collective/suicidial insanity that is the comments page

"No V.P. It would be a 'slap in the face' to Senator Clinton and ALL WOMEN EVERYWHERE!!!
Take it to the Convention. We will support you all the way!!"


" If Sen. Clinton stays in the race, I will donate as much as I can whenever I can, because I believe in her, we all do, we are no longer invisible."

"[Caucuses are] the worst process anyone has ever had to undergo. I live in Texas and we had to undergo the infamous "Texas Two-Step." It was such a farse and a waste of time. I have never been part of such a mess. [Caucuses] should be illegal. "

"I encourage every Hillary supporter to be patient, stay strong like our candidate and write her in come the general election."

"We will accept nothing less than Hillary as the President of the United States. We will unify behind Hillary, or unify behind McCain. We will not unify behind Obama. End of discussion."

"Please go to Denver and please do not concede or give up your delegates. You are the chosen one. The Lord will see you through if you stay the course."

"If you can not vote for Mccain, why not consider the third party candidate. Obama is not a real democrat. He has no ideology. In addition, he is not a gentleman. He isn't qualified in either ability or morality."

Someone should remind these people that Hillary and Obama have very similar (and sometimes identical) positions on the issues, and that McCain is worlds away in right wing nut job land.

Vote for McCain instead of Obama? Really? I thought many of Hillary's supporters were feminists who cared about women's rights and specifically abortion rights. I guess they'd rather have McCain's Supreme Court nominees overturn Roe v. Wade than to *shudder* vote for Obama and see the mighty Hillary reduced to the lowly position of Vice President of the United States of America (which clearly would be a huge step backwards for women everywhere.)