US Senate passes panel anti-piracy bill unanimously.

Slipping under the radar, in a 19-0 vote, Internet Censorship passes swimmingly.

No one is talking about this. Is it because no one knows, or because no one cares?

US Agencies and officials can file court orders for domain registrars to pull domains, and web hosts to shut down any websites that are considered to have pirate content. This isn't just going to affect US websites, this bill allows them to shut down any website anywhere in the world. As you can imagine, some other countries aren't quite OK with this.

My question is: Why are we?

This is literally only the beginning. Internet Censorship is now allowed, and don't think that it won't get worse before it gets better. Corporations such as Disney have backed this bill (no wonder it passed), and now can go after these pirate web sites.

I'm very interested to see reactions on this (because I've heard NOTHING from ANYONE yet), and I'm scared to see where this will go.