Happy Birthday, Earth!

Yesterday was the Earth's 6,010 birthday!! ... Right. I still can't understand those that believe this stuff. I mean, come on! Look around you. When you look up at the stars, what do you see? The "heavens?" When I look at the stars, I see an incomprehensibly complex and large system above us. I see infinity. I see that we are tiny. We're nothing. Which is what makes us so special. I mean, sure statistically, there are problably other forms of intelligent life out there, but if you really do think about it... Hitting exactly the right conditions for life is an improbability. We may be the only intelligent life out there. Of course, this is grossly egotistical to think that not only are we the farthest along in our evolution, but that we're the only intelligent life in the universe. If God made all this that we see before us, then who made God? If God can "just be forever," then why can't the universe "just be forever?" My belief is that we're part of something even bigger than we'll ever know. We're a tiny fraction of something that's so massive, it is beyond our egotistical comprehension. I think we're wasting the hell out of our lives with this menial day to day working, and this stupid flocking to a church once or more a week to pray to something that doesn't exist. God was created by the weak minded to make man feel better about death. If there's a "man-like" being that created us, then surely he created a utopia that's perfect where no one hurts or wants. Bull shit. Why are we here? Not to serve some slave driver. We're here to procreate, and to try to exist peacefully on our home. The dinosaurs were given a 65 million year run at the Earth. They were chosen for extinction. Instead of worrying about who's God is greater, and ending lives, shouldn't we be spending our time figuring out 1) how to improve the quality of our lives and 2) how to live longer. But that's ok, you go to church and pray. When you grow old and die, I'll say I told you so, but you won't be in any form of existence to hear me.