He really doesn't get it, does he?

"When people speak, it is important that we listen carefully to what they say and take them seriously." President Bush said this earlier about a letter he received from Iran's leader. It's funny, though, that he won't listen to any of his citizens. We all, apparently, are not important enough to listen to. Just look around the Internet and you'll find people screaming for his impeachment and screaming for him to admit his lies to us. The fact that Bush has no intention to listen to anyone who speaks to him is blatantly obvious from Steven Colbert's "roast" of President Bush.

Faith-based policies are stupid and make problems worse

A new Harvard study dealing with the results of abstinence pledges confirms - abstinence pledge programs don't work. The study found that those who took virginity pledges later lied about taking them. This news, of course, isn't really news - because those of us who are rational already know that abstinence only programs don't work. Nearly 90% of all people who take virginity pledges will have premarital sex.

Faith-based political policies are stupid and make problems worse - because religion and faith are stupid. This is what happens when people make decisions based on ancient dogmas and belief in invisible men in the sky instead of science. If any government official had asked a scientist instead of a preacher, they might have found out that abstinence-only sex education programs don't reduce unwanted teenage pregnancies or STDs - they INCREASE them. This makes sense to anyone with a brain not infected with Christianity. It isn't complicated. Birth control controls birth. People aren't born with knowledge of birth control, but they are born with a system that eventually urges them constantly to have sex.

World War III

So it's been declared that World War III(tm) has officially begun. You have to then wonder after a comment like this if Bush really think's he's crusading for the good of mankind. Many have called this an oil war, many have said that this is a personal grudge; that Bush is trying to finish Daddy's war, but you have to wonder... maybe he really believes that he's some holy crusader. - Doc Obvious