Senate to save poor, innocent telecom companies from the rule of law

pussing out

Those poor, innocent, helpless telecom companies just wanted to help us out.

Won't someone save them, from the rule of law? Have we no mercy?

If we don't save them from their lawlessness, THE TROOPS WILL DIE!

WE WILL ALL DIE if telecom companies are forced to obey the law. You don't want Americans to DIE, do you?

TPM dares to hope against hope.

BREAKING: Prisoner actually charged with a crime

Breaking news! One of the prisoners at Guantanamo Bay has actually been charged with a crime!

This is news indeed. Once again I salute our completely uncorrupted and very watchful, vigilant media for spotting this kernel of justice. It is not every day that someone imprisoned is actually presented with the charges made against him or her. (How crazy would it be if that were the norm!) Soon, this lucky prisoner might even get his day with a kangaroo court!