Mexican-bashing most important issue to debate! War, lawlessness, tyranny dismissed as "gotcha questions" from sneaky Dems

Time for us to stop pretending that these charades are actual debates about important issues. Cancel them all. What is the point? Why did they even pretend that the substance of the questions was remotely influenced by everyday people? Its absurd.

I have difficulty believing that "How many guns do you own?" or 'What does the "stars and bars' flag represent?" is a more appropriate or more popular question than "Does the President have authority to kidnap people and hold them permanently without trial?" or "Do you support massive domestic warrantless surveillance and data mining?"

Its absurd that NO ONE - not Democrats or Republicans - has been asked anything about fundamental constitutional issues like separation of powers and protection of civil liberties.

Its our fault, I suppose. We aren't doing enough collectively screaming bloody murder and demanding adherence to our traditional democratic principles to force our corrupt, rotten political and media elites to change course.

Here is a list of questions that actually made it through:

Will you make America a 'sanctuary city' country?
Will you pledge to veto amnesty for illegal immigrants?
With immigration reform failing, will I have a job?
Lower college tuition rates - military families or illegals?
Do you believe in a conspiracy to make a new union?
What measures will you take to tackle the national debt?
What are the top three federal programs you would cut?
Do you support a 'Fair Tax'?
Will you pledge never to raise taxes?
Will you eliminate farm subsidies?
How will you keep lead-laced toys out of my home?
What is your opinion on gun control?
Do you believe in a required written exam for gun ownership?
How many guns do you own?
What will you do to reduce crime in the inner cities?
If abortion is illegal, what should the punishment be?
Would you sign a federal abortion ban?
On the Death Penalty, what would Jesus do?
Do you believe every word of The Holy Bible?
How would you repair the image of America?
Is waterboarding torture?
Will you make a permanent commitment to the people of Iraq?
Is your campaign exploiting 9/11?
Should Vice-President Dick Cheney have so much power?
A gay Brigadier General asks a question
Do you accept the support of log cabin republicans?
Will you repay the $2 trillion borrowed from Social Security?
What is your vision for human space exploration?
Why don't many African-Americans vote Republican?
What does the "stars and bars" flag represent?
How can we repair the infrastructure of America
Mr. Paul, are you going to run as an independent?

Scientific Fact: Hindu Prayers will ruin America. Or so Republicans say.

Just when you thought Republican bigotry was at it's best, or worst, they will set out to prove you wrong.

Straight from Crooks and Liars...

A few weeks ago, the Senate invited a Hindu leader to deliver the daily invocation. Apparently, this has sent Idaho’s Bill Sali (R) over the edge.

“We have not only a Hindu prayer being offered in the Senate, we have a Muslim member of the House of Representatives now, Keith Ellison from Minnesota. Those are changes — and they are not what was envisioned by the Founding Fathers,” asserts Sali.

Sali says America was built on Christian principles that were derived from scripture. He also says the only way the United States has been allowed to exist in a world that is so hostile to Christian principles is through “the protective hand of God.”

“You know, the Lord can cause the rain to fall on the just and the unjust alike,” says the Idaho Republican.

According to Congressman Sali, the only way the U.S. can continue to survive is under that protective hand of God. He states when a Hindu prayer is offered, “that’s a different god” and that it “creates problems for the longevity of this country.”

See? And I knew it all along, dogmatic hatred really will save this country. You just watch and see, because the founding fathers would tell you if they were still here.
Bigoted assholes raised this country from nothing. They would tell you that they certainly didn't believe in religious freedom, and anyone who tells you otherwise is a Commie terrorist!

Gah, what would we do without Mr. Sali to tell us who to hate, and why?!

And don't you like the semi-threat there at the end? Kind of reminds me of the nice things these nice people would tell you, too.

Man, Isn't the world of conservatism just awesome! Anyone you wanna hate, and they'll give you a reason, and back it up with the bible! Almost breath-taking, huh?

And they call themselves Pro-Life.

I've spoken before of the ironies of the Pro-Life movement. People grouped to protect a single embryonic cell even if it's on the fast track to the dumpster even if it would save lives; Yet, will willingly send men off to die in an illogical war day after day and staunchly defend their continued presence there.
People so contradictory that will defend an unborn fetus to points of fanaticism, yet they will publish the names of doctors who perform abortions and label them murderers encouraging others to end his life, as ending the life of a murderer isn't a sin.

From that same camp of ideological, hypocritical fanatics:


According to the results of large cross-sectional survey of US medical practitioners, Atheist doctors are more likely to care for the poor than are Religious ones.

Words such as Humorous, Disgusting, Hypocritical come to mind when I hear that. They will preach day and night about Jebus, kill other living human beings because they are "Baby Killing Abortionists", and will refuse to care for other human beings because they can't get paid?

Really? I mean, Really. This is the moral ground you all purport to stand on?