The TSA: Pervert's Paradise?

Honestly, I've tried to wait this one out. I've tried to avoid saying anything about this TSA nonsense. At first, it was hard to disseminate the truth from the nonsense stories of standard Internet whack jobs.

This, however, is insanity. That whole "rights" thing... apparently, it's OK for it to get totally fucked. I don't even know where to start.

Pennsylvania State Pastime: Pissing on Your Rights

"You have nothing to fear if you have nothing to hide."
Oh yeah? Fuck you.

So Pennsylvania's office of Homeland Security has been tracking groups engaged in lawful, peaceful protests, including groups opposed to natural gas drilling, peace activists and gay rights groups. Apparently, these groups are akin to Al Qaeda.

This Just In: People Who Know the Bible, Religion, More Likely to Be Athiest

In an absolutely shocking study, it's been found that athiests and agnostics know more about religion than those who claim to be religious.

This is only shocking if you're a complete moron.

Think about it; most people who have really taken the time to find out what's in the bible, or learn about a specific religion's tenets realize that they're full of shit.