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Disappointed with Obama? Thinking about voting for Nader?

If you are anything like me politically, you might be closer on the issues to Ralph Nader than to Barack Obama, and closer to Barack Obama and Ralph Nader than to John McCain.

So, if Nader is a closer match, why not vote Nader?

Because it won't work.

Not because of some grand conspiracy between the two parties to keep everyone else out, but because of the electoral system itself - where a candidate doesn't need a majority of votes to win, only a plurality.

Consider this hypothetical scenario: lets say 60% of the electorate supports left-wing positions and candidates, while only 40% supports right-wing positions and candidates. It would seem that the election would, of course, lead to a victory for the left-wing majority:


But, that isn't how it works. Candidates don't need a majority, only a plurality (i.e. more votes than any other specific candidate). Watch what happens in this scenario, where voters favor left-wing positions and candidates over right-wing positions and candidates again 60%-40%, yet the right-wing candidate wins:




LITTLE ROCK (AP) — Tyson Foods Inc. has begun killing and burying the carcasses of 15,000 hens from a flock that tested positive for exposure to a strain of the bird flu in northwest Arkansas, state officials said Tuesday.

Tyson said preliminary tests on the flock indicated the presence of antibodies for H7N3, a less virulent strain of the virus.