This Just In: People Who Know the Bible, Religion, More Likely to Be Athiest

In an absolutely shocking study, it's been found that athiests and agnostics know more about religion than those who claim to be religious.

This is only shocking if you're a complete moron.

Think about it; most people who have really taken the time to find out what's in the bible, or learn about a specific religion's tenets realize that they're full of shit.

More than half of Britons are Non-Religious

Over half of Britons claim no religion.

Freedom from religion in Britain is becoming as important as freedom of religion, according to a United Nations investigation into religion in the UK.

In a 23-page report published this evening, a UN rapporteur claims the 2001 Census findings that nearly 72 per cent of the population is Christian can no longer be regarded as accurate. The report claims that two-thirds of British people now do not admit to any religious adherence.

The report also calls for the disestablishment of the Church of England. The role and privileges of the established Church are challenged because they do not reflect “the religious demography of the country and the rising proportion of other Christian denominations.”

The report also warns that measures to combat terrorism in Britain could be undermined because of discrimination against Muslims.

According to the report into the freedom of religion and belief in the UK, there is an “overall respect for human rights and their value.” But the report warns that Muslims in particular face screening, searches, interrogation and arrest.