The Economic Crisis is Over!

Apparently, the GOP is planning on spending around five-hundred million dollars (that's $500,000,000.00) on attack ads to counter Obama's reelection run for 2012.

And the Dems are prepared to set up outside groups to counter that by spending more money.

So the only obvious answer is that we're no longer having an economic meltdown, right? I mean, to spend that kind of money, we have to be out of the hole!

Let's celebrate!

Haha, your IP is traceable, moron.

Looks like someone could use a lesson on the Internets.

From the article:

"As some of you have probably already heard, shortly after Senate Republicans prevented a vote on repealing DADT this afternoon, a commentor identifying himself as "Jimmy" left a derogatory comment ("All fa--ots must die") on the Joe.My.God. website, a popular LGBT-focused blog."

That dipshit was traced, and it turns out the IP belongs to a domain in Atlanta.