The TSA: Pervert's Paradise?

Honestly, I've tried to wait this one out. I've tried to avoid saying anything about this TSA nonsense. At first, it was hard to disseminate the truth from the nonsense stories of standard Internet whack jobs.

This, however, is insanity. That whole "rights" thing... apparently, it's OK for it to get totally fucked. I don't even know where to start.

Pennsylvania State Pastime: Pissing on Your Rights

"You have nothing to fear if you have nothing to hide."
Oh yeah? Fuck you.

So Pennsylvania's office of Homeland Security has been tracking groups engaged in lawful, peaceful protests, including groups opposed to natural gas drilling, peace activists and gay rights groups. Apparently, these groups are akin to Al Qaeda.

WHAT!? You mean there AREN'T terrorists hiding under my bed at night?


2008 GOP Slogan: Dems will let terrorists kill you

Karl Rove has just left some hints about the Republican's strategy for the 2008 elections will be.

“Do they or do they not want our intelligence officials to be listening in on terrorists’ conversations in the Middle East who may … be plotting to hurt America?” Rove said.

Rove argued that the Republican candidate must show the electorate “that they understand the surge is working.” Rove said the candidate should get firmly behind the war effort, painting the Democratic nominee as “defeatist.”

I hope this strategy works out as well for them this year as it did in 2006. The only way Democrats can lose this one is if they buy into Rove's BS again and become scared of their own shadows again.