Time to leave Iraq?

How long till we're out of Iraq? To my knowledge, no one is suggesting we stay in Iraq forever, so this isn't a question of if we're leaving but when. Of course, we went to Iraq for a reason. Victory in Iraq used to mean something: (1) Outsting Saddam, (2) Finding the WMD that were in imminent danger of falling in to terrorist hands, and (3) Helping the Iraqis set up a constitutional democracy - which would, of course, spread freedom and pro-western democracies all over the Near East region. Well, Saddam is gone, there were no WMD (unless you're Crazy Rick "OMG WMDS ARE EVERYWHERE LOL!!11" Santorum), and the government is up but only religious fundamentalism is spreading.

Video: Republicans, lawbreaking, torture, and secret prisons

waterboarding torture

One more haunting example of how our nation's values have decayed under 6 years of President Bush and Republican rule: torture and secret prisons. In this particular interview, Matt Lauer discusses - or attempts to discuss - the use and legality of waterboarding as a form of mock executions.

Top 10 reasons to impeach Bush

In no particular order:
  1. Illegal warrantless wiretapping
  2. Illegal Iraq war
  3. Illegal Secret CIA prisons
  4. Illegal Torture
  5. Illegal detention of persons including American citizens
  6. Boasts about breaking the law
  7. Osama Bin Forgotten
  8. Iran war (oh its coming...)
  9. Negligence in combatting Al Qaeda & Taliban in Afghanistan
  10. Manipulation ("cherry picking") of intelligence used to justify Iraq war