Stop telco immunity and warrantless spying!

Update (02-21-2008):

Bush says no compromise on telecom immunity

Update (02-14-2008 17:00 CST):
House Adjourns without granting retroactive immunity to telecoms

The House has adjourned without voting to grant immunity for the telecoms, ensuring that the Protect America Act will expire at midnight on Saturday Feb 16th. The issue will likely be resolved by the Conference Committees as the conferees hammer out differences between the House bill and the Senate bill (which contains both retroactive immunity and warrantless wiretapping powers).

USA far and away Top Military Spender


1. United States (FY08 budget), $623 billion
2. China (2004), $65 billion
3. Russia, $50 billion
4. France (2005), $45 billion
5. United Kingdom, $42.8 billion
6. Japan (2007), $41.75 billion
7. Germany (2003), $35.1 billion
8. Italy (2003), $28.2 billion
9. South Korea (2003), $21.1 billion
10. India (2005 est.), $19 billion

If you do the math, places 2-10 add up to just over half of what we spend. Does anyone else find this 1.) Inexcusable, and 2.) Slightly Stupid.

BREAKING: Prisoner actually charged with a crime

Breaking news! One of the prisoners at Guantanamo Bay has actually been charged with a crime!

This is news indeed. Once again I salute our completely uncorrupted and very watchful, vigilant media for spotting this kernel of justice. It is not every day that someone imprisoned is actually presented with the charges made against him or her. (How crazy would it be if that were the norm!) Soon, this lucky prisoner might even get his day with a kangaroo court!

The Surge is working! **

** Technically, The Surge™ isn't working, because the stated purpose of The Surge™ is to provide time for the Iraqi government to fix Iraq. The government is actually splintering and decided to go on vacation during The Surge™ rather than accomplish anything, which it figured it couldn't do anyway. But hey, at least we're shooting at more people now! Everyone shooting at us is obviously a card carrying member of Al Qaeda and not an insurgent battling what they see as an occupying force.