Alec Baldwin loses it...

Well, Aric Bahrin has rost it.

Look, I'm not saying that Global Warming isn't happening, but it isn't. At least, not in my views. Let me put it to you this way; I know a lot of meteorologists. I know more meteorologists than any one man should. I know about 60. None of them really seem to think that "Global Warming" is anything more than the Earth's natural life cycle.

They're scientists, I'm not. Basically, I think it's preposterous to think that we, as humans, have no effect on the climate, but I don't think we're the big bad baby seal killers (if the baby seals were actually the ozone layer) that we're made out to be. Look at all the solar radiation. This has been one of the most active Solar Flare seasons that I can remember in my life. Is that our fault? Did we piss off the sun, too?

Anyway, back to the top Baldwin.

"There is no winter in the East right now. No snowfall in NY in December for the first time since 1877." I sneer at your pompus and incredulous attitude and ego-manicism to think that we know the Earth's patterns. 1877? That was but a moment ago in the life of the Earth.

Don't get me wrong, I think we should definitely take steps to be more environmentally conscious... Not so much for climactic reasons, but moreso for preserving this beautiful blue ball floating in space. You see what I mean?